Cooperative for Agricultural Development and Promotion



The “Porto Tolle Cooperativa di Servizi e Valorizzazione Agricola Co.S.V.A Soc. Agr. Coop.” was set up in 1964 following the merger of three cooperatives – Casa Ca’ Mello, Casa Boccasette and Casa Polesine Camerini.

At the time, Co.S.V.A had 474 members, all owner-farmers who had benefited from the land reform. It’s a business organisation that over the years has expanded the scope of its activities, to the point it is now able to cover the purchase of all the technical means necessary for its members’ production processes, and even equipping itself with a warehouse and a dryer, thus providing services of cereal, fruit and vegetables conferment, and the relative marketing.
Today, the Organisation ensures the promotion of its members’ produce, overseeing the sale of cereals to major users.